Monday, January 14, 2008

Some pro-life news from the sports page

I saw a bit of good news on the pro-life front today in an unusual place, the sports page. The NCAA passed a rule saying you can't cut an athlete's scholarship due to a medical condition. This would include pregnancy. Apparently, some athletes (including some at my alma mater) were having abortions rather than risk the loss of an athletic scholarship. You can read the article here. It's hard to believe this wasn't already the rule, but better late than never.


Irenaeus said...

Interesting. I am actually surprised.

Thos said...

In the context of Clemson, this reminds of certain southern bible-belt hypocrisy. When I lived in Beaufort, S.C., I saw a great interest in the appearance of moral propriety. But when the consequences of moral impropriety occurred (e.g., pregnancy), appearances outweighed future right conduct. So the affluent white daughter of the south would be inclined (or even actively pressured) to abort in order to avoid the shame of unwed pregnancy. It strikes me that it was natural that this would infect athleticism too, and probably with a dab of disinterest in the suffering of minority women. Beat the Gamecocks, or bear the shame of having fornicated, the analysis would go. Anyway, another fine example that the "choice" faced by these young ladies is often not much of a choice (in terms of freedom) at all. And they get stuck with the consequences (on their conscience) for life.

Peace in Christ,